GCA is a K-8th grade school. We are classical in our teaching and biblical in our world view.

Classical education at GCA provides a developmentally appropriate liberal arts education. Integrated subjects allow students to make connections between subjects and see the world around them from a biblical perspective. The curriculum is classical teaching, ancient history, latin and classical literature. Our teaching style utilizes modern research based instructional strategies with a strong emphasis on engagement, hands on and experiential learning.

Classes are limited to 16 students in a class and often have a helping teacher as an assistant.

Hybrid students attend GCA campus 3-4 days a week. On the other 2 days hybrid students complete teacher created lesson plans taught by
a parent. Full time students are completing the same lesson plans on GCA campus. Hybrid students and full time students are both completing the same work.

Currently we do not have financial aid available but we do accept the McKay, Step-up for Students, Gardiner scholarships. See attached link for for information.https://fldoe.org/schools/school-choice/

Parents are not required to volunteer but we encourage parent engagement. Parents can volunteer to help with events, classroom assistance, and lunch duty as well as serving on committees.

We are not affiliated with any local church or religious affiliation. We are a gospel centered school with biblical values and Christian standards.

Yes please see our uniform policy. You can visithttps://www.frenchtoast.comand order directly from their site. Use our school Grace Classical Academy to find our uniforms.Uniforms & Dress Code